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Throughout the pandemic lockdown of 2020 we offered our Investigators an opportunity to take part in live investigations that were broadcast virtually through social media platforms. Although this became very popular on Facebook we had actually been doing this for over ten years. We had been one of the first groups to broadcast live investigations but we had worked with BBC, ITV, BBC Radio for live broadcasts at haunted locations. We then teamed up with Wave 105 for regular live broadcasts, not only over the radio with 400,000 listener  across the South Coast but streamed over the Internet so people could watch what was happening.

This would take days of planning and setup. Luckily all this can be done today via mobile Internet and streaming cameras. Our special full spectrum cameras allow you to view the activity remotely and modern social media platforms allow you to get engage with the investigation directly.


Not all investigations are streamed live, one the signal may not allow it, but more importantly it can be very intrusive for the people on the Investigation, which has to be our priority.

From the Casebook of Dark Encounters:
The Brickworks Museum at Bursledon

The Brickworks Museum at Bursledon in the only remaining steam driven factory of its type - which could in the height of production produce 32 million bricks a year. With a location steeped in history and with dangerous and sometimes lethal working conditions it is no wonder that reports of paranormal activity have been reported for years.

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