The Mystery of the Secret Agent - Escape Room

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Date: 29/08/21 to 24/09/21

Time: 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Location: Wymering Manor

Ticket Price: £10

The date is 1941 and Wymering Manor, just like many fine country houses in England, has been taken over by the Special Operations Executive (SOE). But there are suspicions that there is a secret agent working against the Allies hiding in plain sight within the building. As a top agent with the SOE your task is to search the offices and look for clues as to the identity of the spy. But, it is too dangerous for you to enter the building, so your live avatar will search the rooms while you instruct them live from the safety of your own home. They will follow your instructions, solve the puzzles and search for the clues you need while the other agents are all on their tea break. But you only have one hour to solve the mystery. Will you be able to solve the puzzles to get you operative out in time?

Further Information

To attempt the challenge you must book a time slot to play. Online: The game costs £10 each (plus booking fee) for up to 7 connections playing. Once booked you will receive confirmation email of your booking with further instructions. One hour before your game you will receive a reminder email. To play online (virtually) you will receive a link via email 15 mins before the time of play; follow the link and open in a Browser window; we suggest Google Chrome for best play and interaction. No other programmes or downloads required. If you are successful, you may get a live virtual tour of the historic building afterwards.

The location: Wymering Manor
Address: Old Wymering Lane, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO1 6NL
Parking: There is no onsite parking - you will need to use street parking around the neighbouring streets.
Accessibility: Access to ground floor only - toilets available on ground floor.

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