Paranormal Investigation at Fort Brockhurst

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Date: 12/02/22 to 13/02/22

Time: 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM

Location: Fort Brockhurst

Ticket Price: £40

Dark Encounters is proud to open a brand new casebook on the impressive Fort Brockhurst in Gosport. For years, it has dominated the road into Gosport, and myths and legends regarding what is hidden by the moat and embankments have overshadowed the history of this Palmerstone Fort.

This is your chance to explore by torchlight this stunning location and investigate the casements and tunnels to experience potential paranormal activity yourself. Led by experienced teams each vigil will set up experiments to document what may occur when this group of investigators become the first to investigate the paranormal activity of this Fort.

So if you have ever wondered what happens after dark hidden behind the impressive moat, and discover what former occupants may still patrol the casements - this is your historic chance to find out.

Further Information

Join Dark Encounters as we carry out a comprehensive paranormal investigation of the site. You will get to investigate for yourselves; setting up experiments, carrying out the experiments and recording your observations. So whether it is a lone vigil in a tunnel, EVP experiments in one of the caponiers, or Dowsing experiments on the parade ground you will be in the heart of the action. At the beginning of your evening you will have a briefing on ghost hunting techniques and the plan for the evening. Then you will split into smaller groups to carry out the investigation. The teams will be led by experience investigators who will guide you to the correct areas and how to set up the experiments. There will be regular refreshment breaks and then at the end of the evening all teams will have a debriefing as we report the evidence recorded. We will be looking for correlations of phenomena between the groups and previous investigations we have carried out at the location - all recorded in the Casebook of Dark Encounters from the past ten years.

The location: Fort Brockhurst
Address: Gunners Way, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 4DS
Parking: Parking in the Range Car Park next door.
Accessibility: There are some steps within the Keep and uneven surfaces in the tunnels.

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