Ghost Stories from Fort Brockhurst

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Date: Friday 07 October, 2022

Time: 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Location: Fort Brockhurst

Ticket Price: £15 - £7.00

It is 1888... and already Fort Brockhurst built in defence of the great French threat has started to fall into disrepair. Other forts in the area proved a better prospect and the abandoned fort became the thing of legend; reports of figures seen lurking in the shadows and locals fear to pass near the Fort at night.

We offer you a chance to explore by torchlight the mysterious Fort to see for yourself what may be lurking in the shadows. Perhaps these shadows have a story to tell... are you brave enough to listen? As you weave through the corridors of the Keep you will discover that the ghosts have a secret to hide... But how does this relate to the demise of the Fort… well you are about to find out!

Further Information

This interactive and deeply immersive tour of the Keep and Tunnels will involve stairs and moving in low level light. You will hear the history of the Fort through the prism of ghosts that once lived and worked there. Designed to be informative and entertaining with plenty of jump scares the hour long tour offers a truly unique way to view the Fort. The tour runs no matter what the weather throws at us - so take precautions. Suitable for 12 years and up when accompanied by an adult.

The location: Fort Brockhurst
Address: Gunners Way, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 4DS
Parking: Parking in the Range Car Park next door.
Accessibility: There are some steps within the Keep and uneven surfaces in the tunnels.

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