URF: Widley, Portsmouth

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Date: Friday 03 May, 2024

Time: 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Location: Fort Widley

Ticket Price: £20

The tunnels carved deep within Portsdown Hill are used for as containment for the most extreme re-animates. You will be toured deep underground to examine for yourselves the highly secure centre for research and experimentation. The journey into the depths is only for the fit and mobile and definitely not for the nervous. Are you prepared for what may happen if you had to get out in a hurry?

Imagine a world where a darkness lurks beneath the surface, where the dead rises to seek revenge on an un-suspecting living; a ‘re-animate’ army where only a few freedom fighters stand between you and oblivion.

Perhaps this world is closer than you could imagine. There is an organisation called URF who have research facilities all over the country in the guises of Forts, Museums, Castles and even Guildhalls; endlessly working to protect the living against this threat. Whether you attend one of their open days, get recruited as a URF operative or get trained at the URF Zombie Boot-camp Weekend you will be assisting this organisation against the greatest threat Humankind has ever known.

Are you ready for a totally immersive experience, in a real-time video game where anything can happen? Remember, trust no one…

Further Information

Duration: The tour lasts approximately an hour from arrival to exit. This is no 10 minute walk through and we will expect you to get involved as a group with interaction with actors. Age Restriction: Parental advisory is recommended (this is not really suitable for children) we suggest over 12 year’s old when accompanied by an adult. You may love zombies please do not assume your children do also. Restriction: Absolutely no contact with the Zombies is allowed. No photography or video or mobile phones. We have zero tolerance on alcohol, drugs or threatening behaviour. Break these rules and you will be asked to leave. Mobility: this tour is designed to terrify in very dark places; you will be moving quickly across uneven spaces and climbing stairs in very low light conditions. You have been warned! Remember: Each location is a different scenario and each event is made slightly different - so make sure you do them all.

The location: Fort Widley
Address: Portsdown Hill Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 3LS
What 3 Words: ///deal.going.shift
Parking: Onsite Parking
Accessibility: Access to accommodation block. Tunnels access require a lot of stairs.

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