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Beginners Guide to Ghost Hunting

Beginners Guide to Ghost Hunting

Beginners Guide to Ghost Hunting

Have you ever wanted to find out what it is like to go on a ghost hunt or do you have a passion for the paranormal and what to know more?

Or perhaps you have always wanted to bring a friend on a ghost hunt but couldn’t convince them to go on a late night event?

Well now is your chance, for after 15 years of researching the paranormal Dark Encounters are offering midweek short investigation and workshops. Each week we will cover one aspect of the researching the paranormal, explain the basics and the science behind the subject and then take you on a shortened investigation to use your newly acquired skills.

When: Wednesday 20 June, 2018 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM

The Location: Wymering Manor
The Price: £15.00

A perfect way to introduce your friends to the addictve world of ghost hunting or a perfect way for you to tip your toe into the subject. Bring a friend and join us at heritage locations across the South to explore the world of the Paranormal.

Tickets only £15 includes workshop and investigation

7.30pm to 10.30pm

(Refreshments included)

The location: Wymering Manor
Address: Old Wymering Lane, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO1 6NL
Parking: Street parking
Accessibility: Access to ground floor