The NEW Brickworks Escape Room

Take the Challenge!

Date: 11/12/23 to 05/01/24

Time: 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM

Location: The Brickworks Museum

Ticket Price: £18

There is a saboteur hiding somewhere inside the Brickworks. The Foreman was investigating this - but he has disappeared. Hidden inside his office is the identity of a saboteur who is trying to ruin the Brickworks. You must unlock the office, get inside, examine the evidence and work out who is the culprit... before the suspect comes back!

To attempt the challenge you must book a time slot to play. The game costs £19 each (plus booking fee) for up to 7 people.

Further Information

Once booked you will receive confirmation email of your booking with further instructions. One hour before your game you will receive a reminder email. This is an in person live game: arrive up to 15 mins before your games time and find the very large Chimney. Wait there for your Games Master to come and get you. There is parking and toilets available at the Brickworks. During opening hours why not visit the Brickyard Cafe. Check opening hours on their website.

The location: The Brickworks Museum
Address: Swanwick Lane, Bursledon, Hampshire SO31 7GW
What 3 Words: ///conquests.unloads.utter
Parking: There is plenty of onsite parking
Accessibility: Access to all levels - there is a lift to the first floor.

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